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MWEB Overview

MWEB is a South African Internet Service Provider offering a range of connectivity solutions and services for both home and business users.

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From fibre to LTE, broadband, hosting & more, Mweb is the number one choice for affordable internet packages. Sign up now and come home to better internet.
Nov, 28 1996



Mweb is your go-to choice for affordable internet packages. From fibre to LTE broadband, hosting, and more, Mweb is the number one choice for reliable and cost-effective internet solutions. Sign up now and experience better internet connectivity at home.

affordable internet packages
fibre internet
LTE broadband
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Mweb.co.za Hosting and Technical Data


AS12258 Dimension Data
Time zone

Hosting contact:

Level 11ABC, Raffles Tower , Lot 19, Cybercity , Ebene, , , Mauritius
+230 4666616
About hosting

Dimension Data is a global technology integrator and managed services provider that helps organizations leverage technology to achieve their business goals. The company offers a wide range of services, including consulting, implementation, and managed services for networking, security, data center, and cloud technologies.

AS12258 is the Autonomous System (AS) number assigned to Dimension Data's global network infrastructure. This AS number is used to identify and route traffic on the internet to and from Dimension Data's network. By having its own AS number, Dimension Data has more control over how its network traffic is routed and can ensure optimal performance and reliability for its customers.

Mweb.co.za WhoIs Details

Name Servres



Creation Date
Nov, 28 1996
Expiration Date
Nov, 28 2024

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